What does the CT scan?

The CT scan allows examination of thin cross sections of the lungs, called pleura cover them, and the vessels supplying the bronchi and lungs. Two sets of images are always performed, one without injection of contrast medium and with injection of contrasted. It is necessary to clarify an anomaly discovered in the chest radiograph or to monitor the evolution of a lung disease in processing. It is also a powerful examination to detect small tumors or metastases from cancer, before they are visible on the chest radiograph conventional.
chest CT

Should take special precautions before or after the exam?

What information is provided by the CT scan?

CT scan allows a detailed analysis of the structure pulmonary and detection early lesions (emphysema, tumors). It also analyzes the pleura which may be the seat of effusion fluid (pleural effusion), air (pneumothorax) or cancer specific (mesothelioma). The mediastinum is visualized through the injection of contrast to distinguish the vessels and any lymph nodes.

How long is the exam?

1/2 hour.