Products That Contain Asbestos

Products That Contain Asbestos

The types of products that may contain asbestos typically:

The following products commonly contained varying levels of asbestos.

This list does not include them all and is a source of documentation.

∙ Molded or preformed armor used in thermal insulation of pipes and boilers

∙ Insulation panels used as protection against fire, heat insulation, partitions and ducts

∙ Stuffing asbestos used as a firewall in false ceilings

∙ Millboard, paper and paper products used for insulation of electrical equipment, asbestos paper can also be used as the reverse of the combustible wood fiber panels
Products That Contain Asbestos

∙ Of products of asbestos cement flat and corrugated sheets used to cover walls or ceilings, cement products were also used in gutters, rainwater pipes and water tanks

∙ Textured coatings

∙ Material roofing asphalt

∙ Vinyl floor tiles or thermoplastic

∙ And so on.