Diagnosis mesothelioma

Diagnosis mesothelioma

Some keywords: Chest X-ray, pulmonary function tests, CT scanned (or CAT) scan or MRI cytology if plenty of fluids, transthoracic biopsy, histopathology, thoracoscopy, laparoscopy.

Results Immunohistochemical typical

EMA (epithelial membrane antigen epithelial membrane antigen =)
WT1 (Wilms tumor 1)
Cytokeratin 5/6
HBME-1 (human mesothelial cell 1 = human mesothelial cell 1)

CEA ( carcinoembryonic antigen )
OMC-3 1
Diagnosis mesothelioma

Test Guidelines
There is no collectively customary protocol for selection people who have been open to the elements to asbestos. However, some studies show that level of osteopontin in serum is useful for screening for mesothelioma among exposed individuals. The point of soluble mesothelia associated protein is high-minded in about 75% of patients; diagnosis was definite, and it was optional that it may be helpful for screening.

Assessment and evaluation
Formerly, the diagnosis was complete; the doctor will have to pathological grade of the tumor to evaluate a therapeutic strategy to adopt. Mesothelioma described as cancers who are located only on the surface of the pleura, the membrane at the start. It is as if one advanced extension of the original surface of the pleura to further parts of the body such as lungs, lymph nodes, abdominal organs, or chest wall.