Pulmonary lobectomy

Pulmonary lobectomy

After many pulmonary I recently spent a scanner and an endoscopy which revealed that my middle lobe was completely dead, although she is perfectly healthy bronchus.

I'm constantly infectious state, which, to the amazement of my doctors do not cause cough or sputum or even no fever. Only the pain is sometimes the annoying chest.

My pulmonology, who cannot explain why this "death" lobe directs me to a lobectomy (removal of the diseased lobe). It encourages me to schedule this before the summer.

And then, I confess, I am a little lost ...

First because I have a hard time finding information on this operation normally reserved for people with lung cancer, and also because I do not know the postoperative course.

My pulmonology should tell me soon ms remain ignorant until next week bite my blood.
Pulmonary lobectomy

So if you have suffered this type of intervention thank you enlighten me on the duration of the operation, recovery, recovery from sports ... etc.