Skin cancer in young adults

Skin cancer in young adults


The skin cancers affect people more and more young people, especially young women under 40 years. The fault artificial UV, just acclaimed by these young people.

Growth of 75% of skin cancers in young

According to this U.S. study, cases of melanoma, skin cancer the most dangerous, were multiplied:

  • by eight young women from 18 to 39 years
  • by four young men,

over the past 3 decades.

This sharp increase in skin cancers is attributed, according to researchers, attendance tanning booths. Indeed, young people who regularly use tanning would see their risk of developing melanoma increase by 74%.

Skin cancer in young and artificial UV:
Skin cancer in young adults

The same phenomenon is observed in our country:

  • cancers of the skin, including melanoma, are increasing rapidly,
  • age of the victims gradually decreases,
  • parallel, the market for artificial UV was very successful.

The good news is that mortality from this cancer is declining, evidence that skin tumors are detected earlier and earlier, increasing the chances of recovery. Prevention campaigns have borne fruit. As, they aim to encourage and monitor your skin regularly to consult when in doubt.

So you also, check your skin and your loved ones in search of a spot or mole that changes in color, size, contour, etc.. Any changes must lead them to consult.

And of course, forget the tanning sessions, which are an important risk factor of being a victim of skin cancer.